Where is my phone?!

Have anyone of you experienced misplacing or completely losing your phone? Well, I did, and that was back then when phones weren’t yet “smart.” I spent my whole day searching for my lost phone but to no avail, I was never able to find it. If there were only some way before to track my phone, I had avoided the sleepless nights and not to mention the nags I suffered from my mom. But as they say, let bygones be bygones.

Lucky for you who are smartphone users because there are now apps that you can download in your device to track it whenever you can’t seem to find it. Especially nowadays when phones are more than just calling, texting, and emailing, smartphones can now be used to store relatively important, confidential information that could wreak havoc on anyone’s life if taken hold of someone with ill motives. Without further ado, let me present to you the apps that you can use to track your trusty handheld device.

Where is my phone?!

Where’s My Droid.

Whenever anxiety kicks in not being able to locate your phone, this app can help you and your phone reunite once again. Where’s My Droid enables you to turn the ringer volume up to the max, while making it ring. Even though your device is set in a silent mode, you can still be able to have it emit a screeching ring. And if you’re not near enough your phone to hear it ring, the app can get the GPS coordinates that will appear on Google maps for you to locate it. All it needs is a text code or your attention word to be sent on your lost device to do those actions.

Android Lost. This app allows you to remotely control your Android phone with the use of the internet or by an SMS command. Here are just few of the commands that you can do using this app: read sent and received SMS messages, lock your phone, erase the contents of the SD card, locate it by GPS or network, forward calls, take pictures remotely, and check the general status of your missing device. With all those functions, you’re sure to find your phone in no time.

Prey Anti-Theft. This is deemed the most complete anti-theft app that lets you locate your phone whether just misplaced or stolen. It can do pretty much the same things as the above mentioned apps. The advantage of this is that you can be able to link up to 3 devices in one single account; plus, this app is absolutely free.

Plan B. If all else fails, then let Plan B be your last resort in finding your missing phone. Why last resort, you ask? Well, it’s just because the only time you should download this app is after you have lost your phone. Interesting, isn’t it? To know more about it, read the easy steps from its installation to its usage in this website.

These apps can really come in handy when the going gets really tough. At least, never will you again have to experience finding something as if it’s a needle in a haystack. And you’ll never again have to purchase a brand new phone from physical or online mobile stores because of your carelessness. All it needs is a few taps for you to find your precious Android device.