What you need to do when battery is low

A short battery life is one of the main drawbacks of modern mobile devices. However, in Android, thanks to a huge number of settings and a special software, you can try to solve this problem. Below you will find a detailed guide that will help you significantly reduce the power consumption of the system and increase the battery life of your gadget.

A lot of times we land in a very predicament wherever we finish up having a message known as “Low Battery” on our cellphone when we’re out. Now this circumstance can be knowledgeable by anyone, so within this circumstance if you get any urgent contact then how you will notify about this to the caller? However, there are lots of battery saving guidelines for ones android gadget we may find yourself sometimes with this particular predicament. So, let’s check out an application that will do the perform of spreading the message concerning the low battery that is called as Last Resort.

What you need to do when battery is low

With this particular application, which can be referred to as because the previous Resort, you may first need to adjust some first settings which will be sure that this features is activated on your machine. This application will ask you to set the battery stage soon after which you may be seeking it to provide the warning concept in regards to the reduced battery, it all is dependent upon you that simply how much warning stage needs to be set because the suggested battery level is 4% – 6%. So, after setting the battery degree for notifying the warning concept, the caller will likely be intimated about the exact same. With this application, you’ll must set the contacts which you want to notify, though you might limit the volume of contacts which you wish to intimate but the lesser the amount of contacts you desire to intimate, the much more active your gadget is going to be as notifying them too eats up the battery.

But you can regulate when last resort sends the message, decide what’s greatest for you personally both 8% – 2% battery lifestyle remaining. In addition, with this particular Android app, it is possible to add your personal message stating like “My phone’s battery is completely dead, I’ll speak to you when possible” or something like that. Also, most importantly, you can add limitless amount of Contacts and may control limitless quantity of Messages as per your selection in order that if you wish to convey the concept to almost your each pal about this.

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Imagined his method may be bit lengthy and time consuming but yes if this establishing is freeing up the user from the headaches of post tension of dead battery then it is truly a well worth. This software just is not free but indeed, with a price tag of just 99 cents this app is actually worth making an attempt as it promises to help save you when it matters probably the most. This software could be easily downloaded from Android Market spot.