It’s really matters

Many readers can see this title and ask, “Why is this article here?”, but … In the modern world, communications and networking play an important role in promoting our own brand and business. For this reason, read this article and make the necessary conclusions for yourself.

It’s really matters

I want to tell you a story about an MLMer who we’ll call Ken.
Ken is extremely committed to his company. Not only did Ken relocate to the state where his company was doing the most business, but he would co-organize many of his company’s training events there.

Because Ken didn’t know anyone in his new location, he realized that he’d need to really start “working the phones” to drum up recruits for his business. Cold-calling. Speaking to new friends about his “great” business opportunity.
Industrious, Ken also realized that he should “try out the Internet” to build his business. So he contacted an Internet network marketer for some advice on how to do that.

After a few phone conversations, Ken thought it would be “alot of work” to learn all that Internet stuff and wanted a shortcut. The Internet marketer, basically said, “There is no shortcut. It is what it is. There will be new skills for you to develop. And that takes a little bit of time.”

Ken felt he didn’t have that kind of time — too much traveling, too computer-phobic, too much other stuff to do — and left it at that. He presumably continued on with the phones, organizing recruiting events, soliciting people he didn’t know, and who knows what else. I wish Ken well.

Ken’s story may sound familiar to you. It’s loosely based on someone I’ve actually spoken to. That Internet network marketer is me.

It’s About Networking, Remember?

Here’s what Ken and other network marketers like Ken are missing. And it’s right in front their noses: networking. That’s right, networking.

An essential part of what makes a “network marketer” a “network” marketer (as opposed to any other type of marketer) is the willingness and ability to “network” with the right people.

Consider that some of those “right people” are other network marketers.
Strange as it may seem, there can be a resistance among network marketers to exchange ideas with other network marketers because they’re “not in my company” or “at a competing company” or “in my company and, therefore, competition.” Definitely not an abundance mindset.

The irony is that, as we’ve discussed here before, the vast majority of the time, your company isn’t a marketing company. So you’re relying on marketing “advice” from a group of people who are focused on manufacturing and product development. Why does that make any sense?

The result is that you’re left on your own island, trying to figure out all the marketing stuff by yourself and listening only to your upline who you think either (a) has the right answers, (b) has your best interests at heart, or (c) all of the above. Truth is, maybe they do, maybe they don’t. And if they do, how would you know what the right answers are anyway?

The way off that island is simple: Start networking with other network marketers. Particularly those who are more experienced and successful than you or even your upline are. Regardless of what company they’re in.

That’s how you’re going to actually learn how to market better. And, yes, “marketing better” will probably mean learning new skills.

Obvious. Simple. Yet, it’s an idea that Ken and people like Ken miss.
How to Network With Other Network Marketers

Here’s a list of networking tips:

(Note: None of these points has anything to do with “joining someone else’s opportunity.”)

  1. Keep this in mind throughout: Don’t become a groupie. This isn’t a rock concert or a hip hop show. This is business. It can be social, sure. But you want to be taken seriously. So don’t waste people’s time — their’s or yours
  2. Follow that person first (on Twitter, via their blog, on other social sites, wherever) to see if you “vibe” with them, if you feel a connection. Are they providing useful information? Do they present that information in a way that you appreciate? Can you “relate” to them on a personal level?
  3. Interact with them via Twitter, by commenting on their blog, by asking a question via email. See how they respond.
  4. Sign up for their list or RSS feed. Find out what they’re up to by getting in the conversation they’re having. Are you still learning something? Getting value? If not, unsubscribe. Unfollow.
  5. Buy a product they’re selling. Let’s face it: sometimes you need to ante into the game so you know you’re serious.
  6. IMPLEMENT what they’re teaching. This is crucial and cannot be overstated. Taking action is what is going to make a difference in your business. Not chit-chat. Not “knowing some hot-shot network marketer.” Action. (See item 1 above.)
  7. Find some way to provide value to them. Yes, you may have already purchased a product from them. But identify other ways you can provide value. Remember, this is a “relationship business,” don’t devalue that relationship by just taking from it or by assigning a monetary value to it. Do something that’s an authentic expression of who you are. You may be surprised by what you receive in return.

If you’ve followed me on this blog or on Twitter for any length of time, you know that I actively network with other network marketers. And I appreciate all of the people I’ve had the privilege to meet, learn from, exchange ideas with. It has only enhanced my business and my understanding of what it is to be a Internet network marketer.

So, trust me on this one: the true value of the relationship you create will be found in the extent to which you implement what they’re telling you. That is what they most want for you. That is what you most need.

Years ago, my late grandfather put it to me this way when he’d want me to do my homework instead of watch TV: “Those people you’re watching have already made their millions, what are you doing to make yours?”

Where to Find Network Marketers to Network With

There’s one shortcut I know to finding other network marketers to network with and learn from. You won’t have to endlessly surf the Internet to find them. Or try to “figure out” if they know what they’re talking about.

That shortcut is Renegade Professional. You can find the long list of marketing training that’s offered there by going to the link above.

What’s not explicitly stated there — and arguably the biggest bonus you get from joining — is being part of a community of people who are committed to your business success. Regardless of what company you’re with.

Have a question about how to, say, “generate leads for free without cold-calling,” “talk to prospects on the phone,” “create multiple streams of income,” “set up a marketing funnel,” “start a blog,” or anything else related to your business?

Check out the applicable video series in the video vault. Believe me, if it relates to your Internet network marketing business, there’ll be step-by-step video training on it at Renegade Professional.

Have some follow up questions?

Contact the expert who made those videos and say, “I saw your videos on [add subject matter here]. I have some additional questions. Here they are: [list questions].” Or, better: contact your personal guide, yet another experienced marketer you will have access to, who can assist you in getting the most out of the trainings.

Think you’ll get a response? You better believe it.
More to the point, you will have accelerated all of the tips above.
All in one shot, you

  • have anted into the game,
  • have gotten value from a top network marketer,
  • have gotten a sense of their personality,
  • are able to ask questions about implementing something in their area of expertise.

You’ve got some credibility: you’re not a bystander or a tire-kicker, you’re in action.

It is a great way to start a relationship focused on progress and exchange of value.

This entire post is basically what Ken and I spoke about over a few phone conversations.

Unfortunately, Ken didn’t apply this concept of networking to expand his knowledge and improve his skills.

Also, I put here a great video about Android networking: