WhatsApp Messenger history

WhatsApp is a cross platform, restrictive texting administration which can be utilized in Smartphone through web get to The WhatsApp Corporation was founded in the year 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton who used to work for Yahoo. Along with this app, various other apps are also available in the market which offers free messaging which is unlimited and supports all the operating systems in the phone. But, WhatsApp can be described as the best instant messaging application same as SMS. It runs perfectly on 3G or Wi-Fi and this particular application apart from free text messaging allows the user to send audio media text, video and images to everyone who is connected through their WhatsApp application. This particular software is available for Microsoft windows phone, Apple phones, Blackberry phones and various phones based on Google android. You can easily download WhatsApp by going to the official site of this particular application. So, WhatsApp for iPhone as well as WhatsApp for android are available in the market and you can download it as per your phone’s operating system.

It works in the similar pattern like other instant messaging apps like iMessage from Apple or BlackBerry messenger and notifies the user when he or she receives a message. The best part about this application is that the recipient of your message can’t give an excuse that he or she did not receive the message. Apart text messaging, it also offers other features like it allows you to share your location using the Google Map or you can easily alter the background of your conversations, attach audio and video clips and can easily insert various types of emoticons in it.

It also has an impeccable feature wherein the user can do chatting along with 10 people at single point of time. At the same time, it allows you to leave the whole messaging group anytime you desire. But, this application lacks one feature which is, it does not allow you to add any kind of text to the messages which has photos in it. In the present time, it allows you send photo message and text message separately.

WhatsApp Messenger history

This WhatsApp application is linked to your phone number and once the user opens this particular application for the initial time, it automatically scans all the phone numbers present in your phone and gives the user the data about which contact is using the WhatsApp application. And as soon as your install it in your phone, it allows you to send the messages to all the contacts at single go. Well, if you are unable to see your friends in it then you can send an invite regarding the same to join you.

Nowadays, various Smartphone’s already have in-built WhatsApp application in it. As, the WhatsApp software is based on a chat protocol known as XMPP which is an open source and does not allow the hackers to get the information out of it. All the messages are encrypted and cannot be read other than the user.

As it is very a very useful app, so you can download WhatsApp to take pleasure in free unlimited messaging.