Benefits of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is truly outstanding and one of the quickest developing informing platforms that have ever existed. With millions of users worldwide this application offers numerous benefits to all of its users all around the globe. If you haven’t yet downloaded WhatsApp here are the top ten reasons why you should download it right now.

WhatsApp features

You can send text messages for free.

Unlike normal text messaging, where users have to pay for every text message they send, WhatsApp allows users to send text messages for free. This is the best and the most important benefit WhatsApp offers, and it is the main reason why this application has become so popular. You can send as many messages as you like for free, and you will of course save lots of money! All you need is 3G or access to Wi-Fi, and you will be able to send messages to any of your friends from anywhere you are, without spending any money. This will undoubtedly save you plenty of dollars from your phone bill and you probably will never have to spend money to send another text message ever again!

Benefits of WhatsApp

It offers unlimited real time messaging.

No matter where you are in the world, you can feel close to your relatives and friends at any time, communicating with them in real time by sending instant messages. Sending real time messages is a great way to reinforce relationships and to keep in touch, and real time messaging makes you feel close to the other person without having to actually be physically close. The fact that WhatsApp makes this unlimited, due to the fact that it is totally free, gives you the freedom to communicate with the other person as much as you like, offering its users a great experience any time they want!

There are no hidden costs.

WhatsApp offers you the first year of using it for free, and there are absolutely no hidden costs. So, during your first year of using WhatsApp you can send messages without spending absolutely anything. After that, it just costs $0.99 a year, no matter how many messages you send. You just need to pay once a year, and you can then use WhatsApp in an unlimited manner, making the most of the instant messaging it offers. Yes! At just $0.99 after the first year of downloading WhatsApp, you can send as many messages as you like to anyone you like, and you never have to pay anything else.

Many young developers believe that repeat the success of this platform will not be difficult. They do not think that this success requires a good and experienced team of developers who will work daily to improve the work of this application. It is also necessary to conduct a good ASO optimization. So, often they forget about reviews, they think “I don’t need to review my app at all, because it’s pretty cool”, no it’s wrong decision. Because, there are billions of different apps at Google Play market and if you want that people find your application, then you need to be at least in the TOP-50. Moreover, precisely for this you need to promote your application. But, lets turn to your main idea of the article – WhatsApp benefits.

It works on any phone.

WhatsApp works on each and every phone; all you need is an internet connection. It works on iPhone, blackberry, android, windows phone or no matter what phone you may have. Moreover, it allows all these phones to exchange messages with each other, unlike some exclusive messaging apps which do not work between different phones. A phone that has WhatsApp can exchange messages with any other phone that has the same application, and the fact that it works on any phone allows you to communicate with anyone you like.

It offers free international messaging.

When messaging someone who lives in another country using normal instant text messaging it costs you a lot of money, and because of this it limits how much we communicate with friends or relatives who live in other countries. WhatsApp puts a stop to this. With WhatsApp, no matter where the people you love are found in the world and no matter how far from you they are, you can communicate with them just as if they are right next door to you… And it is totally free! WhatsApp has no international charges unlike normal text messaging and allows you to feel close to your loved ones who live in other countries and message them as frequently as you like, without spending a cent.

You can do much more than send text messages.

Apart from sending text messages, WhatsApp allows you to also share various files, such as images, sound files, video files as well as your location. Sharing multimedia messages can also be done at no extra cost and therefore photos and any kind of files can be sent for free. This function allows you to share files you have already got saved on your phone or even to send photos, videos or audio files you take or record at that same moment, in real time. This makes keeping in touch even easier, and more fun than ever!

Group messaging is made easy.

WhatsApp also allows you to communicate with friends in group messages, including as many people as you like in the conversation. This makes organising meetings, get togethers or any other event easier and gives you the opportunity to have fun group conversations in an easy and totally free way. Group messaging also offers additional advantages, and WhatsApp gives you the freedom to enjoy all of them.

WhatsApp is very simple to use.

It is extremely easy to use WhatsApp and does not only make messaging friends totally free but also very easy. This is because WhatsApp integrates automatically with your contacts once you download it. After downloading WhatsApp you will automatically be connected to those in your contacts who have got WhatsApp. You will instantly find them on your application, it cannot get any easier than this! There is no adding friends involved or anything complicated. Moreover, you can receive WhatsApp notifications just as you receive notifications for text messages and there is no logging in or logging out involved, with no pin numbers, no passwords and no usernames to remember. It’s just as simple as that!

WhatsApp is quick and easy to download.

WhatsApp is not only easy to use, but it can also be downloaded very easily. It downloads very quickly and all you need is an internet connection. The creators of WhatsApp wanted to invent something that makes instant messaging extremely simple – and they have fully succeeded! The simplicity of this application makes sure it can be used by absolutely anyone. Messaging for free is just a few clicks away!

There are no ads.

The creators of WhatsApp have also made it a point from the very beginning to avoid any kind of ads. For this reason, when using WhatsApp you will never come across any annoying ads as no kind of advertisement is involved. This differs it from other applications and makes it even a greater pleasure to use WhatsApp.

These are the top ten reasons for downloading WhatsApp immediately and these are the reasons why you should start using this application, if you are not using it already, benefitting from free instant messaging, file sharing and much more with just this one app!