The Whatsapp – Facebook organization

However, any all concerns of the WhatsApp-using public were allayed when Facebook and WhatsApp made their statements regarding the coming together of their forces. Facebook made it clear that every one of the 50 employees at WhatsApp will join Facebook as they had established themselves by running one of the most used products anywhere in the world. Mark Zuckerberg has invited Jan Koum to sit on the board of Facebook and partner with Zuckerberg to shape the futures of both of their companies. They both share the same vision of making the world more open and connected and this is exactly what makes their partnership a match made in heaven for the users spread all over the world who want to come closer to each other and feel a sense of connection.

This partnership, in Koum’s opinion, will allow himself, Acton and the others at WhatsApp to be able to focus more on developing a faster, more affordable communications service with more weight lent to making it more personal. The service will be charged at a nominal fee as it always has been, and no ads will disrupt the exchanges between two people Whatsapp-ing each other. WhatsApp will continue to be available no matter what smartphone one is using anywhere in the world. These key necessities for all the users of WhatsApp have not been compromised with while talking terms when it came to the partnership.

Additionally, as WhatsApp will remain autonomous and operate independent of Facebook, it will ensure that the public will not be faced with any worries whatsoever. None of the core principles which were important to Koum and the company were displaced in the coming together of this partnership. The team has always been of the strong opinion and principle that cost and distance should never come between two people from different corners of the world connecting with each other. Family, friends and loved ones can now continue to enjoy the various services such as instant text messaging, as well as sharing videos, music and other files with each other.

It is clear that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services of all times – it has 450 million monthly users as well as 320 million users active on WhatsApp daily. These are staggering figures which certainly attest to how much people have come to love this service in such a short span of time. And all of these people can now certainly breathe easy after this reassuring announcement from the creators of WhatsApp and look forward to what this partnership holds in store for the future.

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