WhatsApp – great thing for everyone

Everyone with a smart phone and happy texting finger knows what it is like to get a bill that is much more than could’ve been imagined at the time you were answering all of those text conversations. With technological advances happening in real time it could only be a matter of time before something came along to help out in those types of situations. Along comes the service that can change your current texting ills. That service is called WhatsApp for PC. Finally, there is something as smart as the smartphone.

WhatsApp – great thing for everyone

The WhatsApp is a service that can cross platform applications allowing the user to send and to get texts without paying the normal SMS charges. Imagine that, a device that actually discounts the price of texting. Testing has become the new way to communicate, it has its own language and no longer is it necessary to pick up the phone and dial someone’s number and wait for them to answer to get your pint across, with testing it’s just a click and send and the message is sent.

The great thing about the WhatsApp is that is can be used on Nokia, Android, iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, and Windows phones. The service user your already existing internet data plan. What this means for the user is that he or she can keep on texting to their fingers and hearts content and not accrue a hefty bill at the end of their billing cycle, the texting is free. Another awesome feature of this new incredible addition to the technological world is that it is not limited to texting, with it groups can be created, and multiple files can also be sent to these groups for free.

If you have not heard of this app, now is the time to investigate all of its benefits and possibilities. There are reasons why you should consider this for all of your text-ing needs as opposed to using your smart expensive iPhone., other the aforementioned reasons:

Viewing pictures and videos on a higher resolution like your pc is better for your eyes and some YouTube videos aren’t even available for phone viewing. There is no need for having a concern with the battery life of a PC, leaving plenty of time for your text conversations and chats that you can have in stop twenty four seven with a PC. It is an app that is especially made for use on a PC and it is also the first of its kind.

Installation is simple; it is a download through Bluestacks that allows the user to then download WhatsApp. Follow the instructions after the download, and it’s done.

There are different versions to choose form like, 100 messages every twenty four hours or unlimited to other WhatsApp users that includes multimedia files or a customized profile for personal or business use. Whatever you decide you can now really know WhatsApp.